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Creative Social Marketing

Posted by MoneyMaker.Solutions

Social media is speaking a new language. And the language is one of images, videos and infographics. These types of media are generating excellent engagement numbers for businesses that have made it standard practice to employ them in a pertinent and creative manner.

Creative calls to action used with such media can help bridge the gap between entertainment, information and lead generation.

It’s exciting to watch Generation Z come of age. They’re poised to transform companies, media, creativity, and our society as a whole. They are the first generation to grow up completely connected, completely online. They’re instantly socially connected to all their friends, to businesses, and celebrities, and they rely on that connection daily. Generation Z uses social media for everything: to learn new information, follow influencers, and stay in touch with family and friends.


by Clifford Price

Helping others should be a natural extension of every business leader’s responsibilities. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come as easy as you would think. As leaders, we often get too caught up in operations or our own problems to give people the help they need. However, in the last year, I’ve realized that most of my best clients, partners and relationships have come from me helping someone.

One of the easiest ways to help others is to simply share your knowledge. You don’t have to be in front of a classroom to teach. Every day there is an opportunity to educate someone about your area of expertise. The key is to keep educating yourself so you can stay ahead of the curve.
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High-Impact Mentoring Program for Generation Z

NEWS: Published 09/22/2016

Mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for mentees. 1 in 3 young people will grow up without a mentor.

Generation Z (commonly abbreviated to Gen Z, also known as the Post-Millennial, iGeneration, or in the USA Homeland Generation)

Starting birth years ranging from the mid-1990s to early 2000s and ending birth years ranging from the late 2000s to early 2010s.

Mentoring is a significant investment when you consider program management, infrastructure, and the valuable time of participants.

The next decade promises to be an important one for Generation Z. While there are many unanswered questions about what their future holds, we can follow current trends to envision what this group will face in the years ahead. As they begin to enter the workforce, Generation Z entrants face stiff competition along with the likelihood that it will take a decade or more to recover lost earning power from having entered the job market during the Great Recession.

Get Involved!

More jobs will require at least some higher education, and be dependent on 21st century skills, such as abilities to think creatively, communicate effectively and work in teams. However, higher education costs are skyrocketing, saddling many students with debt for years after graduation and reducing their overall buying power and quality of life.

Plus, more than double the number of Gen Zers are attracted to a company that enables them to feel like they’re making a difference to the world – 34 per cent compared with 13 per cent of Baby Boomers, 14 per cent of Gen X and 15 per cent of Millennials. And almost three times as many Gen Z respondents are attracted to companies that offer technology to enable people to work more efficiently (28 per cent) than those from the older generations (10 per cent).

We will work hard to find solutions to these challenges that face Generation Z. The mentoring program is provided by tenured volunteer professionals and executive across numerous industries and geographic locations.

Enrollment – is it open by application
Connection type – 1:1, group, or project
Connection duration – typically weeks or months